SPC Flooring Production Line

SPC Flooring Production Line,92 Model SPC Floor panel making machine,SPC flooring panel production line.

Product Details

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1. Description of Stone Plastic Flooring (SPC Flooring):

The stone-plastic floor (SPC floor) is made of PVC sheets extruded by extruder. Through four-roll calender, the PVC color film + PVC wear-resistant layer + PVC bottom film are laminated and laminated at one time. After cutting the saw blade horizontally, slotting longitudinally and making two times UV on the surface, it can be packaged and stored. The process is simple, suitable for heat, no glue, environmental protection and pollution.

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2.SPC Floor Product size range

Length /mm

950 1220 1850

Width /mm





3.SPC Floor Production Process

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4. Extruder Model and Parameters


Motor Power

Production Thickness

Production Width

Capacity (Max)

SJSZ 80/156

75 kw

1-8 mm

1220 mm

400-500 kg/h

SJSZ 92/188

110 kw

1-8 mm

1830 mm

600-700 kg/h


5. Extruder Specification

1 SJSZ92/188 twin screw extruder

2 Mould

3 4-roller calender (include lamination)

4 Temperature controller

5 Edge cutting unit

6 Haul-off machine

7 Cross Cutting machine

8 Auto-stacker

9 Electricity equipment

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6Frequently asked questions

l  Is this production line environmentally friendly?

Yes, you can say for sure that's right.

l  How about the cost of this floor?

The production cost of SPC floor is much lower than that of traditional composite floor, and raw materials are easily available. It is the trend product of future floor.

l  How many workers does the whole equipment need?

Twelve workers are generally enough, depending on the degree of automation you require.

l  How many containers is the monthly output?

Take 4 mm floor as an example, the SJSZ 92/188 can output 18 tons/ 24h, So The output is about 22 containers /month.

l  What is the total investment of a set of SPC floor production equipment and related auxiliary facilities?

According to the different configurations you have, the different precision requirements will be quite different. Detailed you can contact our consultants.