PP Hollow Building Formwork Extrusion Line

PP Hollow Formwork Production Line for Concrete Wall and Slab; PP Plastic hollow formwork Production line, PP hollow formwork sheet Extrusion line.

Product Details

This complete extrusion lines produce PP hollow sheet/ plate / PP Hollow Construction Board for Building Formwork which can  replace traditional steel or wood building formwork,the PP Hollow Construction Board  is lighter, weatherproof and can be used repeatedly.

Scope parameters of formed sheets:




915- 1220mm

    After extruding, the PP Hollow Building Formwork is cooled and shaped by vacuum forming die, and then cut by traction. The cooling water is controlled at about 25 degrees. The raw materials can be thermoplastic resins commonly used in industry, and different resins can be selected according to the use environment. The tailings discarded from iron ore can be selected as fillers for building formwork, but it should be controlled within a certain range, otherwise the forming process will be affected.

  Through continuous attempts, we have found the best quality extrusion process for sheet , providing you with the whole production line.

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Formwork contributes a major part of cost in most of the building construction activities. The traditional choice is steel Formwork and bamboo formwork, The advantage of using steel template is more accurate, but the price is very high, it is inconvenient to carry, and it is very difficult to disassemble and is not very safe; the bamboo formwork is much cheaper and safer but easy to damage.

Today, the PP hollow formwork sheet is more and more popular, because it is non-sticking cement, light weight, convenient handling, clamping installation and high efficiency.

The CET of PP hollow formwork sheet is far from that of concrete. After pouring, it can be automatically separated from concrete with temperature change without knocking. The removal and installation time will be greatly saved by using it. It also can be used repeatedly.