Plastic Extruder Screw And Barrel

KALSHINE provides high-quality screws and barrels, Parallel Twin Screw And Barrel,Conical Twin Screw And Barrel,Single Screw And Barrel,Building Block twin screw.

Product Details

KALSHINE provides high-quality screws and barrels, a variety of materials can be selected, continue to follow up on your use, and further provide improvement programs, your production is more stable, efficient and reliable.

201801031000349278410.jpgParallel twin-screw and barrel is used to produce PVC large-diameter pipe, PVC high-speed profile, and WPC product extrusion. Used for PP, PE, PC, PU, ABS, PS, EVA, EAA, PPR, PVC, various cable materials and masterbatch, etc. Hot-cut granulation, widely used for filling, blending and modification of rubber and plastics and engineering resins , XLPE, chlorinated polypropylene; carbon powder, magnetic particle granulation, cable insulation material, protection Material, low-smoke low-halogen flame-retardant PVC cable material and preparation of various silane cross-linking materials.


201802091018084472723.jpgSingle Screw and Barrel is widely used in blown film extruders, pelletizers, cast film extruders, injection molding machines, materials are PE \ PA \ PA \ PMMA \ ABS \ EVOH \ EAA, adhesives and so on.




201803221130025326287.jpgConical twin screw and barrel is mainly used for the production of PVC wood plastic, PE wood plastic, ultra-high polymer plate, high CaCo3 alloy plate, 50-400 pieces of high CaCo3 pipe, 50-300 high CaCo3 carbonate profiles, PVC hose, PVC soft Sheet, PVC foam board, can also be used for other materials of pipe, granulation, profile production such as ABS, PE, PP, etc.


201803290929096134591.jpgBlock type parallel twin screw, mainly used in the production of XPS foam board, ABS, glass fiber, PP, PE, EVA and other materials mixed modified granulation



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