TPU Lay-flat Hose Extrusion Line

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Product Details

We provide high quality TPU lay-flat hose extrusion line to produce TPU Lay-flat Hose/tube. Compared with PVC lay-flat hose, TPU lay-flat hose has better fire resistance and stronger pressure bearing capacity. TPU lay-flat hose is mainly used in fire protection, high-pressure agricultural irrigation, chemical liquid output and so on.

Therefore, the Production process of TPU lay-flat hose extrusion line is different from that of PVC TPU lay-flat hose extrusion line.

TPU lay-flat hose extrusion line-kalshine

Services of TPU Lay-flat Hose:

1. Standard color: red, blue, black, other colors on request.

2. Individual marking available.

3. Binding with international couplings available on request.

4. Standard lengths 100 m and 200 m.