TPU Double Coating Hose Extrusion Line

TPU Double Coating Hose Extrusion Line
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Kalshine supply extrusion machine for High Pressure and Durable TPU Lay-Flat Hose,

Diameter range of the TPU lay-Flat hose is 25~200( 1’~8‘ ),Suitable for different output, different diameter requirements.


TPU Double Coating Hose also is called TPU Drag Hose , TPU Lay-Flat Hose, TPU Jacket Water Hose,TPU Fire Hose, TPU Lining Fire Hose , TPU Lay-flat Fire Hose, High Pressure And Durable TPU Lay-Flat Hose, Double Jacket Fire hoses, PU Fiberglass Reinforced Hose, Blue/ Red/ Black TPU Lay-flat Hose


Applications of TPU Double Coating Hose:

For transfer of chemicals, oil & fuel, abrasive substances, potable water, or transfer over highly abrasive ground. Used for applications requiring heavier high pressure hose or more chemical & abrasion resistant hose.

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