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PPR Pipe Extrusion Line,PP-RT pipe manufacturing machine, PPR pipe making machine

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Characteristic of PERT Pipe Extrusion Line

A. extruder screw: the use of large diameter ratio, double mixer head, separation structure, can make the molten material completely plasticized before entering the mold; the feed section has a spiral groove, can improve the output.
B. mold: spiral design, no delay phenomenon, can effectively improve the quality of pipe.
C. sizing sleeve: disc structure with high speed extruding tube machine.
D. vacuum box: independent control, easy to operate.
E. dual traction machine: independent control, finite bit design
D. double cutting machine: chip free cutting, easy to operate and fast.


PERT Pipe Extrusion Line

Main Technical Specification





φ65/30 φ25/25

φ90/30 φ25/25

Range of Pipe Dia.



Installed Capacity






Total Weight




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Characteristics of PERT  hot-water pipe:
A. PE-RT pipes have good temperature and pressure resistance, so as to ensure long service life.
B. flexible, flexible, and conducive to the construction of floor heating.
C. because of the particularity of PE-RT two generation pipe materials, the floor heating is safer and more convenient to repair.
D. good environmental protection performance


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