Underwater Pelletizing

Underwater Pelletizing
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Underwater Pelletizing:
It is included as followed:
Connection unit--- Extreme Hard Alloy Steel Die Head---Underwater pelletizing unit----Dryer and Water recycling system.
Suitable materials: Elastomer,hot melt glue(PA、TPU、EVA), PS、SAN、ABS、PMMA、POM、PC、PET、PBT

One key type starting  machine---Operation Convenient
Special Heating System----High Efficiency
Die head----2 years life
Knife---at least 1 year life
Running stability is necessary.

Application examples:

According to the strength of those traditional melt granulation equipment can not be processed, high viscosity, high thermal sensitivity Ruchun PP material, our country's first underwater pelletizer, to meet the special requirements of material granulation.

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