Film Shredding Recycling Granulator

Film Shredding Recycling Granulator is used for BOPP ,PE, LDPE, HDPE Film;PE Agricultural Films recycling and granulation..

Product Details

KALSHINE relies on the power of science and technology to work hard to solve the problem of plastic recycling nowadays. Our technical solutions maintain the same quality as new plastics.

You can rely on our experience to develop and deliver custom machines that can handle tricky recycling tasks. Contact us today to see what is possible for you tomorrow.

Main Technical Parameters

ModelOutput( kg/hr)Main Motor( kW)

The production line is mainly used for:

PP /PE film recycling & pelletizing

BOPP film recycling & pelletizing

BOPET films recycling & pelletizing

PP non-woven recycling & pelletizing

Non-printed film/Non-printed blown films/Non-printed edge trim recycling & pelletizing

Multiple-layer PET films /Multiple-layer PE films recycling & pelletizing

Heavily printed / metallised films /Lightly printed films recycling & pelletizing

Waste Agricultural Plastic Film Granulitization

PP fibres/PP filaments recycling & pelletizing

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