Filling/Reinforcing/Modifying/Blending/Parallel Twin Screw Extruder

We are committed to the field of high-quality extruders, providingFilling/Reinforcing/Modifying/Blending/Parallel Twin Screw Extruder, can produce PP, PC, PS, PET, ABS, PA, PBT, POM, PPS, PPO, PSF, LCP ,EVA,TPE,TPU,PSF Masterbatch

Product Details

Filling, Reinforcing, Modifying, Blending, Parallel Twin Screw Extruder Application:

Reinforcement modification: such as PP, PC, PS, PET, ABS, PA, PBT, POM, PPS, PPO, PSF, LCP + long glass fiber / short glass fiber / glass beads / carbon fiber, etc.


Modification fillers: PE/PP/EVA + + calcium carbonate / Talcum Powder / titanium dioxide / carbon black, etc.

Special compounds: PPR pipe compounds, PE cross linked pipe compounds, Polysalfone ( PSF/ PSU) etc.

Cable compounds: Cable sheath, Cable insulation compounds of LDPE / HDPE / LLDPE / MADPE radiation-cross linkable compounds, optical fiber protection compounds, heat-shrinkable sleeve compounds;

Flame retardant Masterbatches: PE/ABS/PP/PS/PET/EVA+ flame retardants, additives, etc.

High concentration color Masterbatches: PE/ABS/PP/PS/PET/EVA+ pigments, other processing aids etc.

Special Functional Masterbatch: antistatic masterbatch, antibacterial masterbatch, high heat other functional master batch, etc.

Degradable Masterbatch: PP/PE/PS + starch, auxiliaries, etc.

Matching Pelletizing Method

Matching Pelletizing Method

Other Optional Small Machines


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