XPS Foam Board Production Line--- Customized For 10mm Thickness XPS Foam Board

XPS foam board production (extrusion ) line extrusion 10mm thickness Styrofoam directly. High efficiency and Stably.

Product Details

XPS Foam board Extrusion Line--- Customized for 10mm Thickness Styrofoam

   We often use XPS foam board to compound with fiberglass mesh, Aluminum foil, paper, etc. Usually, it needs to cut thick XPS foam board into pieces, the top and bottom board may be scrapped due to insufficient thickness, and edges and lengths need to be cut off, resulting a lot of waste, although XPS foam board can be recycled and granulated. Our XPS foam board extrusion line special for 10mm thickness styrofoam is one-time forming solved the problem perfectly. After long-term using, the XPS foam board production line is stably and quality. Welcome your consultation.


Parameter of 10mm Thickness XPS Foam Board Production Line


XPS Foam board Thickness range : 8~50mm

Output range:200~300kg/hr