Cross Cutting Machine For XPS(tolerance±1.5mm)

On-line cross cutting machine for XPS foam board by Servo motor drive, fast and accurate, transverse cutting machine for XPS foam board extruder, widthwise cutting machine for XPS. The blade type XPS foam board transverse cutting machine is used for on-line XPS foam board extrusion.

Product Details

Cross Cutting Machine Application:

Used for On-line Lateral Cutting for XPS Foam Board extrusion.

 online servo Crosscutting machine for xps2.jpg

Cutting accuracy and suitable size of XPS extrusion board:

Length Cutting Accuracy: +/-1.5mm

Diagonal wire cutting accuracy: < 3mm

Cutting plate width: 600mm-1200mm

Cutting plate thickness: 20-120 mm

Suitable for cutting machine speed below 20m/min

online servo Crosscutting machine for xps4.jpg 

online servo Crosscutting machine for xps23


1. High cutting precision, one-time forming, avoid the trouble of trimming again;

2. Accurate control of servo motor, fast cutting speed;

3. High quality steel cutting blade, strong and durable;

4. Customized control system + brand electrical components, humanized design, easy to operate.