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Why the cooling of extruder bimetallic barrels is so important?

Jul 27, 2018

When the co-rotating extruder extruding the material, it is necessary to cool the Bimetallic Barrel, mainly to ensure smooth production and prevent the material from decomposing due to excessive plasticizing temperature. 

For example, before the melting section of the bimetal barrel, it is to prevent the screw temperature too high, to avoid the material being attached to the screw groove of the screw due to the high temperature, which affects the material conveying forward, resulting in insufficient feeding. 

Sometimes, the cooling capacity of some special material products is particularly important when they are extruded. For example, PVC resin, in order to prevent denaturation, but also to increase cooling.

In some puffed foods, single screw is often used to prevent nutrient loss and material degeneration caused by overheating.

A good barrel must be packaged with a reasonable design of cooling runner, which can transfer heat evenly or cool quickly.

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