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Why Is The Underwater Pelletizing A Better Way Than Other Particle Cutting Methods?

Sep 09, 2019

(1) The underwater pelletizing can almost cut all polymers; materials with poor melt strength, high viscosity and high thermal sensitivity that cannot be processed by traditional granulation equipment are very suitable.

(2) The particles quality by the underwater pelletizing is high: optimize the shape of particles, smooth and uniform particles, such as water droplets or spheres; high particle density, good fluidity; eliminate the oxidation of particles;

(3) Shorten curing time, less space and cooling water demand than other way like water ring pelletizing or Strip cutting or Die surface hot cutting;

(4) Enclosed production, clean environment, low noise, no dust pollution

(5) Good production and operation experience: one-button start-up, automatic continuous production; more convenient operation mode;

(6) Tool design is more reasonable and less sticking phenomenon; Kalshine provides flexible design of grinding head and fixture of cutter head, which can realize cutter head in 2-3 minutes without changing and polishing high-quality material blades in one year;

(7) Innovative die temperature control design avoids the phenomenon of material solidification dead hole in the template hole. The blade is precisely fitted with the die, and the particles have no "tail" phenomenon.