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Why Is It So Difficult To Recycle China's Waste Plastics ?

Mar 22, 2018

It is said that the recycling market of China's waste plastics is huge, but why is it so difficult to recycle?

The treatment of waste plastics has been a long time in our country, and it is also a matter that has been devoted to it for a long time. China has a large population, a large amount of use of resources and a very high production capacity. Behind the high output is a lot of plastic waste, light is waste plastic treatment to the society has caused a lot of trouble.

It is estimated that the amount of waste plastics in China is about 10 million tons at present, and nearly 5 million tons of imported plastics are added, and the amount of social ownership is about 15 million tons. However, the recycling rate of waste plastics in China is less than 25%.

But have we ever thought about such a problem? With the influx of a large amount of capital, the development of renewable resources industry has been embarrassed many times. Vigorously developing circular economy, the rate of renewable resource recovery is still very low. Why?

It is difficult to recycle the recycling resources in China, and there are many reasons for the low recycling rate of regenerated resources in China.

01. Lack of professional and standardized recycling network system

The lack of professional and standardized recycling network system. The unorganized, unmanaged and environmentally friendly small recovery main body occupies a large proportion in the whole recovery industry.

The construction of recycling network has the property of public welfare, but it is regarded as a commercial attribute by the government for a long time. Therefore, the recycling sites in many areas, namely the community recovery sites and sorting centers, have not been introduced into the urban land construction planning. They are often demolished by the administrative departments on the grounds that they do not conform to the plan.

02. Without standard, it is difficult to recover.

The standard of industrial products is short, and some varieties are even without standard. It is difficult to increase the classification and utilization.

The local governments carry out garbage classification pilot, but a common problem faced is the lack of standard, garbage classification and classification of the national unified directory, ordinary people do not know what is the Recyclable garbage, which is only Other Waste landfill and incineration, which is hazardous waste need specialized delivery and storage.

For example, waste paper, waste plastics, waste textile fiber, kitchen waste, and so on, the varieties and ingredients are mixed, the testing means and bargaining standards are different. The non standardization of the industry not only causes difficulties for processing and electronic transactions, but also gives the government some supporting policies, especially the preferential tax policies.

03. The technical level of the industry is low and the scale advantage is lack

The technical level of the industry is low, the scale is lacking, and the utilization of regenerated resources is limited.

China's renewable resources industry there are many technical bottlenecks, recycling workplays extensive, the lack of refinement of sorting technology, processing and utilization of link mechanization and low degree of automation, especially the lack of large-scale treatment, good economic benefit and has a driving effect of major technology and equipment. In the past, renewable resources were considered to be low grade, low threshold and no technology content, which led to no industry university research mode in the industry, and there was not a large number of investment in science fund.

In recent years, the use of the Internet, big data to carry out information collection, data analysis, promotion of new Internet plus recovery mode, are of great help to break the limitations of traditional wholesale market.


Renewable resources development today, has become an important part of the green, low-carbon, recycling development; renewable resources is no longer a simple processing industry, but the relationship between urban and rural environmental governance, build green production and lifestyle involving the whole society; renewable resources recycling industry is no longer traditional, it belongs to the green, environmental protection, on the supply side of advanced productivity. The development of renewable resources industry is an effective breakthrough to solve the bottleneck of resources in China, and the potential of domestic resource recovery market is huge. We have reason to believe that in the next 10 years, China's renewable resources industry will usher in a blowout development.

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