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Why Is Extruded Board so Popular?

Jun 18, 2020


Why is extruded board so popular?

                                                                                                   ——Application range of extruded board

Every year, hundreds of thousands of tons of waste EPS materials (mainly packaging materials and foamed tableware) are produced in different countries. The recycling work is very arduous and has become the first of the annoying "white pollution". XPS extruded plastic board is an environmentally friendly material It is also playing an increasingly important role, and has also found a reasonable place for EPS packaging waste, which is undoubtedly the best solution to environmental pollution.             image

Now more and more countries advocate the use of recyclable and recyclable extruded plastic boards, which are recognized and applied by more and more industries.

Application 1: Building insulation

Extruded plastic board (XPS) has been widely used in domestic building exterior wall external insulation. First, the thermal conductivity of extruded plastic board is low, the thermal conductivity at 25 ℃ is 0.025~0.028W/(moK), and the water absorption rate is small And the material with the long-term thermal conductivity retention rate is high, and the lowest cost (ie, the minimum thickness) material can meet the requirements of building energy saving; the second is the strength. Therefore, XPS extruded board is the material of choice for the exterior wall insulation industry.       


Application 2:Cold storage insulation

Extruded plastic board is an ideal insulation material for cold storage building.

Product characteristics: A heat preservation, durability because the relative humidity of the cold storage is more than 80%, and the service life of the cold storage extruded board is proportional to the thermal insulation performance and durability.

 Vapor barrier performance, extremely low water absorption rate The extruded board provided by KALSHINE has extremely low water vapor permeability and water absorption rate. Under low temperature and high humidity environment, its thermal resistance does not change much, and at the same time, low water vapor permeability performance Reduced the generation of condensate inside the wall. Moisture can seriously affect the thermal resistance and other physical properties of building insulation materials. The following chart shows the moisture resistance of building insulation materials. The following chart shows the heat resistance (R value) and resistance of moisture to building insulation materials The impact of compressive strength.   image


Application 3:Old house renovation

The real estate industry that is most affected by the financial crisis in the upstream and downstream industry chains of the construction industry is undoubtedly the real estate. The green revolution has been steadily advancing in civil buildings, because civil buildings have begun to have a new development path-old house renovation. Similar to many broken roofs, broken walls, broken doors and windows, dilapidated buildings need to be remodeled, and the inside and outside are greatly changed; using economical and efficient XPS extruded board materials to solve the problems of leakage, humidity, cold, and the poor living environment of residents.

Application 4: High-speed railwayimage

The erosion of the ground by cold weather, water vapor, frost, etc. has caused many roads, railways, airport runways, etc. to have uneven levels, and the ground must be controlled for frost heave. The high-strength extruded plastic board can prevent the penetration of water vapor and frost, minimize the freezing of the roadbed, effectively control the ground frost heave, and extend its use mission. KALSHINE provides high-strength special extruded plastic panels for civil engineering such as high-speed railway foundations, airports, and highways.


Application 5: Highway

XPS extruded board has the advantages of low density, high strength, low water absorption, acid and alkali resistance, thermal insulation and sound insulation, good thermal insulation, shock resistance, easy forming, and no biological decomposition. The process of laying roadbeds with it is not complicated. It is usually placed on top of water-permeable granules. Compared with laying ordinary roadbeds, only one more layer of geotextile is placed during road construction, and a horizontal working surface is laid with coarse materials. XPS extruded plastic slab is laid on it, and then a layer of reinforced concrete slab can be used as a protective layer to distribute the load, and asphalt is laid on the top. Due to its high strength and small mass, it can withstand large traffic loads.image

The high-quality extruded plastic board produced by the production line of KALSHINExps extrusion equipment has been widely used in tunnel bridges, subways, tunnels, bridges, concrete pavement bridge decks, parking lots, ice rinks ★ used in: water channels, pools, swimming pools and other buildings Water conservancy facilities, etc. ★ Applied to: municipal engineering such as sewage treatment plants, landfills, etc. ★ Applied to: toilets, basements, pools, underground pipelines, tunnels, bridges, reservoirs and other fields of construction (structure), etc. Received unanimous praise from related industries.  Welcome to consults us!