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Why Choose Extruders To Make Good Food?

Jun 09, 2020


Why choose extruders to make good food?

 Advantage 1

(1)Wide range of applications: The extrusion technology is suitable for processing snacks, cereals, dairy products, meat products, aquatic products, condiments, sugar products, chocolate products and other foods, and the shape of the product can be changed by simply changing the mold.  Products with different shapes and patterns are produced, so the product range is wide.  A series of products can be formed, which is conducive to the flexibility of production and marketing.

 Advantage 2

(2) High production efficiency: Since extrusion processing integrates feeding, conveying, heating and forming, and can be continuously produced, the production efficiency is high.  The production capacity of small extruders is tens of kilograms per hour, and the production capacity of large extruders can reach more than ten tons per hour, and the energy consumption is 60% to 80% of traditional production methods.   



 Advantage 3

 (3) High utilization rate of raw materials and no pollution: Extrusion processing is carried out in a closed container. In the production process, except for starting and shutdown, a little raw material needs to be thrown in as the head material and tail material, so that the equipment operation is stable and the machine is shut down smoothly. In addition, there is generally no waste of raw materials, nor will it cause pollution to the environment by discharging waste gas and waste water.

Advantage 4

(4) Small nutrient loss, promote digestion and absorption: Because extrusion is a high temperature and short-term processing, the nutrients in food are almost not destroyed.  However, the shape of the food has changed, and the internal molecular structure and properties have also been changed. Some of the starch is converted into dextrin and maltose, which is easy for human body to absorb.  And because the food is porous after extrusion, the gap between the molecules is conducive to the entry of human digestive enzymes.image  For example, unpuffed rice has a protein digestibility of 75%, which can be increased to 83% after processing.

Advantage 5

(5) Good taste and easy to eat: There are more starch, vitamins, calcium and phosphorus in grains. This ingredient is extremely beneficial to the human body, but the taste is poor.  After the grain is extruded and expanded, due to the high temperature, high pressure, shear and friction during extrusion, these ingredients are thoroughly micronized, the water solubility is enhanced, and the taste is improved.

Advantage 6

(6) It is not easy to "regenerate" and it is easy to store: usually the main food is processed by cooking, such as the freshly prepared rice is soft and delicious, but it will become hard and not delicious after being placed for a period of time, which is called "regeneration".

   Processing by extrusion technology, the material changes from high temperature and high pressure state to normal pressure state, instantaneous "flashing" occurs, because the alpha starch after gelatinization is not easy to restore the granular structure of its molecular structure of beta starch  , So it is not easy to produce "rebirth" phenomenon.                               


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