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What Should Be Paid Attention To In The Production Of Plastic Granulator?

Apr 18, 2018

Plastic granulator compound extrusion granulation production precautions

1) Extrusion granulation resin shall be screened with a 40 mesh screen, and auxiliary materials shall be sieved with a 60 mesh screen to remove impurities in the raw materials.

2) Before driving, you should carefully check the presence of foreign matter in the hopper and barrel of the extruder. No foreign matter is allowed to exist.

3) Hand-pull the V-belt, the screw operation should be relatively easy, and the driving parts of each drive can be tested without any abnormal operation.

4) The extruder screw idle time must not exceed 3 minutes to avoid scratching the machine and the working surface of the screw.

5) Extruder granulation raw material plasticization temperature, barrel feeding section 80-120°C, plasticizing section 130-160°C, homogenizing section 165-170°C; mold temperature 170-180°C.

6) In the event of a power outage or abnormal accident, stop the power supply immediately, quit the screw, and clear the barrel and mold memory.

7) The raw material plasticizing temperature should not exceed 200°C to avoid material decomposition.

8) Operation and maintenance of the extruder.