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What Is Water-ring Pelletizing?

Mar 03, 2018

   Water-ring hot pellet machine make better shape for the Plastic Material。

Water-ring hot pelletizing is a form of water cooled die cutting. The axis of the rotating cutter body is parallel or perpendicular to the extruder. The following figure. The granulator head causes the material to be extruded from the template, the cutter body penetrates through the center of the machine, rotates under the drive of the motor, and cuts off the strips extruded from the template hole. After the cutting, the granular material is cooled by water, so it is not easy to produce adhesive. Because the handpiece is in direct contact with the water, the seal must be considered. In order to prevent the wear between the cutter and the template, the surface hardness of the template is higher. Grain shape can be granular, chess shaped or spherical, the length of the particle is determined by the cutting speed, and the diameter of the particle is determined by the discharge hole.

kalshine.com_underwater pelletizing.png

1- handpiece

2- water ring tube shell

3- incision

4- transmission system

5- export of water and granular materials

6- high speed water import

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