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What Is The Structure And Working Method Of Plastic Pelletizer?

Apr 28, 2018

The pelletizer is a special equipment that can cut a sheet with a certain width and thickness into pellets, and is mainly used in the pelletizing process of cable materials and compound materials, and the structure of a pelletizer with a thick pellet.
When the pelletizer begins to pelletize, it has been cut into thick pieces of a fixed width, and the bully who enters between the two round knifes of the pelletizer (in the direction of the left-hand side of the figure enters two round silver knife chambers) is first The round roll knife is cut into longitudinally continuous conditions, and then the strip is clamped by the press roll and drawn into the high speed rotary knife to cut into pellets with a fixed length. The cut pellets fall into the sieve basket and the uncut strips and conjoined grains are sieved.


From: www.kalshine.com