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What Is The Principle Of The Temperature Setting Of The Extruder?

Feb 16, 2018


Principle of temperature setting:

The blend components and its melting point than to blend components based on the melting point of the continuous phase melting point adjustment range.

The thermal properties of plastics, such as heat and heat release, thermal degradation and thermal oxidation are difficult.

(3) the flow properties and morphological changes in the melting point range of each component of the plastic.

For example, PC/ABS (6:4), PC: the melting point is about 230 degrees, the decomposition point is about 350 degrees. ABS: the melting point is about 180~190, the decomposition point is about 245-290 degrees -- so the PC/ABS processing temperature is 230-250 degrees -- taking into account the other additives, such as compatibilizer, the thermal stability of lubricants, etc.

From: Conical Twin Screw and Barrel