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What Is The Plastic Pelletizer Process?

Apr 30, 2018

Plastic pelletizer process flow introduction
The role of the plastic pelletizer is to warm and pressurize the polypropylene powder and additives into a molten polymer, which is extruded and cut into granules. When the plastic pelletizer is working, the polypropylene powder and additives in the front section are fed into the mixer drum through the hopper, and then the twin-screw barrel is driven by the main motor to press the material into the mixing section to form a polymer. After passing through a gear pump, it passes through a filter screen and is extruded through a stencil.

 In the water tank, the cutter was driven by a cutter to cut the polymer into cylindrical polypropylene particles having a diameter of 2.3 mm and a length of 3 mm.

Finally, it is sent to the dehydration drying device and sorter (vibrating screen) by the particle delivery system, and the qualified dry granules are sent to the finished product bin. This is the entire process of the plastic pelletizer. It strictly controls every link of production in order to produce better quality plastic pellets.


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