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What Is The Future Development Trend Of Brominated Flame Retardants?

Jun 02, 2018


The future direction of the development of bromine flame retardant can be summarized as follows: not only the exposure risk of human body and environment in the process of production and use, but also the maximum recovery and utilization after use. Many enterprises like KALSHINE have done many fruitful work in this respect. For example, the XPS foam board is very flammable and must be added to flame retardant when applied in the field of external wall insulation, otherwise there will be high fire hazards. The HBCD were used generally before. Although the flame retardants are very effective, more and more studies have found that they are dangerous to the environment. KALSHINE provides a high quality flame retardant HBCD-free YX3008, which can completely replace HBCD and will not affect the ecological environment. It can effectively flame retardancy. It is a very good sustainable development scheme.


From: HBCD-Free YX3008