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What Is The Fiberglass Cloth Made Of?

Aug 16, 2017

  What is the Fiberglass Cloth made of?

  What is the Fiberglass Cloth made of? Fiberglass Cloth is a glass ball or waste glass as raw materials by high temperature melting, drawing, yarn, weaving and other processes made of its monofilament diameter of a few microns to twenty meters a few meters, the equivalent of a Hair hair 1 / 20-1 / 5, each bundle of fiber raw silk by hundreds or even thousands of monofilament composition.

  Fiberglass Cloth is a roving plain weave fabric, is an important substrate for hand-paste FRP. The strength of the grid is mainly in the direction of the weft and weft of the fabric. For the case where the warp or weft strength is high, it can be woven into a unidirectional cloth which can be arranged in a warp or weft direction. Warp cloth, single weft to cloth.

  What are the areas where Fiberglass Cloth can be used?

  Fiberglass Cloth used for hand paste into the process, glass fiber reinforced materials square cloth mainly in the hull, storage tanks, cooling towers, ships, vehicles, troughs, building structural materials. Fiberglass Cloth is mainly used in industry: heat insulation, fire, flame retardant. The material absorbs a lot of heat from the flame and prevents the flame from passing through and isolating the air.