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What Is The Extruder Screw?

Mar 05, 2018

The extrusion molding equipment mainly includes two main parts of the main engine and the auxiliary machine. The main engine is called the extruder, which is composed of the extruding system screw, the machine barrel), the feeding device and so on. The screw, as the heart of the extruder, has a very important influence on the quality and production of the extruder. The main function of a screw is to transport materials, heat and plasticized materials, and to mix and homogenized materials. In order to realize these functions of the screw and to adapt to the change of physical state of the material, usually the conventional full screw is designed to be three segments. [1]

The first stage is the feeding section, also known as the conveying section. It is a section extending from the material feeding port. The pitch of the general screw is equal, the screw depth is also equal, that is, the screw is isometric and so on. The second section is the compression section, also known as the migration section. The screw equidistance of the section is unequal depth, mainly in order to adapt to the change of material state, and the volume of the screw gradually becomes smaller. The third section is a homogenization section, also known as the measurement section. The screw of this section is equal to the depth of equidistance as the feeding section, but the depth of the slot depth is shallow in the depth of the slot.


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