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What Is An Inverted Roof?

Feb 07, 2018

XPS foam board has been widely applied to roof waterproofing and thermal insulation. This year, a new waterproof and thermal insulation roof -- the inverted roof is gradually being promoted.

(1) make a leveling layer on the structural layer of the roof.

(2) make waterproof layer

(3) laying thermal insulation layer

(4) paving a layer of nonwoven fabric on XPS foam board

(5) the top layer of the protective layer

The advantage of the inverted roof insulation is that it can solve the problem of roof leakage thoroughly. The waterproof layer of the traditional roof insulation structure is on the insulation layer. With the long-term solar radiation and wind and rain erosion, the waterproofing layer is aging, which leads to the cracking of the waterproof layer and the leakage. The inverted roof insulation keeps the thermal insulation layer on the waterproof layer. The working environment of the waterproof layer is changed, and the waterproof function can be effective for a long time. Moreover, because of the high density polystyrene foam board, the heat preservation effect is guaranteed.


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