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What Exactly Is The Nickel Based Alloy Material Commonly Used For Screw Elements?

Jan 10, 2018

Nickel base alloy at Ni content more than 30wt% alloy called Ni, contents of common products are more than 50wt%, due to its superior mechanical strength at high temperature and corrosion resistant properties, and iron-based and cobalt based alloys are called super alloy (Superalloy), is generally used in high temperature above 540 DEG C, and in accordance with their applications, using different alloy design for special corrosion environment, high temperature corrosion, high temperature mechanical strength of the equipment required. It should be used in space, energy, petrochemical industry or special electronic / photoelectric fields.

Kalshine provide the screw and sleeve of high quality nickel based alloy materials to squeeze out the high wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the hardness plastic.

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