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What Are The Ways To Disassemble The Nozzle Failure?

Feb 08, 2018

The nozzle is part of the plasticizing system, and there is a malfunction at the nozzle. It is mainly due to the overflow of molten material or injection of molten material.

Disassembly order of 1 nozzles

(1) cleaning barrel and nozzle scrap

(2) the disassembly nozzle uses the special tool to loose the nozzle and the machine tube to connect the thread, so that the vaporizes gas in the nozzle is completely removed and then the nozzle is unscrewed out of the cylinder.

(3) remove the nozzle should be cleaned immediately inside the hole scrap, when necessary to flow from the nozzle into the mold release agent, with convenient cleaning residue.

Maintenance of fluidity of 2 melt or the part of spillage

(1) the reason for spillage is mainly due to the inconsistency between the arc of the nozzle end and the runner radius, while the two parts appear gaps when contacting, and the high-pressure melt injected into the mold is overflow. The repair method is to regrinding the two circular arc surfaces until the two circular arc surface is closely matched.

(2) there is a slot overflow on the contact surface between the nozzle and the cylinder assembly. The end face of the nozzle is grinded closely until it matches the end face closely with the cylinder. If it can not be grinded to reduce the flatness and roughness of the plane, the new nozzle can be replaced.

(3) check the surface quality of the nozzle melt flow, repair and reduce the surface roughness of the runner, and remove foreign bodies or burrs in the channel, which can reduce the resistance of the material flow and make the melt flow smoothly.



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