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What Are The Properties And Characteristics Of The Foam Regenerative Granulator?

Mar 16, 2018

Special waste foam recycling production line for XPS foam, PE foam plastic waste (such as food boxes, household appliances packaging, EPS foam styrofoam) as raw materials, processed into the plastic industry shortage of PS polystyrene plastic particles, can be used in the manufacture of wire insulation board, buttons, leather, all kinds of stationery, toys, electrical enclosures and kt.

The operation process is simple, the cost of investment is low, and it has high economic benefit.

The performance and characteristics of the foam regenerative granulator:

The machine is made up of crusher, extruder and automatic tractor. Automatic feeding, automatic temperature control, automatic removal of miscellaneous, dust, automatic filter, no pollution in the production process.

The process flow is as follows:

Raw material pulverization, automatic feeding into host plasticizing, auxiliary machine extrusion, water or wind cooling, automatic grain cutting and bag loading.


From: www.kalshine.com