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What Are The Main Technical Features Of The Underwater Pelletizing?

Dec 18, 2017


1. because the plastic is in the melt state by the blade, the circulating water cooling after solidification, different viscosity polymers can be used in this cutting form, the formation of any dust particle cutting will not melt state, and cutting shape, packaging and transportation are convenient;

2. according to the automatic matching of extrusion volume, the size and size of the cutting head can be adjusted by adjusting the output and speed of the die, and the size and shape of the grain can also be changed manually when the tool holder with different blades is used.

3. It saves the 4-6mm long chilled water trough and reduces the area of the area greatly.

4. The granulation process is automatic, easy to operate, low noise and good quality.

5. compared with a traditional brace cut grain yield larger, lower energy consumption.

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