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What Are The Main Points Of The Flat Film Extrusion

Feb 09, 2018


(1) flat film or sheet extrusion molding, extrusion blow molding machine barrel and thin films, need Jiaduokong plate and filter.

(2) the temperature of the mold should be controlled slightly below the ends of the two ends.

(3) the molding die is mostly used for the clothes rack and the straight structure; after the installation of the mold, it needs to be leveled as well as the rolls on the three roller press.

(4) before production, to adjust the mould die gap is smaller than the thickness of the products, in the whole length width of die gap close to agreement is.

(5) from the beginning of melt extrusion, need to use the tool to remove copper die sewage material; to die the whole width gap all melt extrusion, die extrusion melt condition (viewport material irregularity and velocity inconsistent) to adjust the whole, choke, die gap or local the temperature, until the product qualified; move three stick and die distance to process the required size.

(6) the temperature of the three roll temperature should be a little higher than the temperature of the contact roller. When the contact between the diaphragm and the roll surface is bad, the temperature of the roll surface is properly adjusted. After all the normal adjustment screw and three roll speed reach the normal production speed.


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