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What Are The Main Points Of Construction For The Installation Of External Wall Insulation Board?

Mar 28, 2018

1、 the pretreatment of the wall: the wall should be cleaned up, cleaning grease, cleaning dust, surface irregularities too large parts must first tick flat or with 1:3 cement mortar filled.

2、 the positioning method of the projectile control line

(1) The measurement method: all external operation to locate the point as the standard, with ruler, theodolite level line fall according to the requirements of measuring reference point out to the exterior insulation operating line.

(2) horizontal point: Taking the elevation orientation line of the engineering structure as the datum point, elicited to the outer wall of the structure and checked by the leveling instrument.

(3)Vertical point: the vertical positioning line is based on the construction location line of the project, which leads to the outer wall of the structure. Check with a theodolite or a line pendant.

The positioning line as a reference point, hanging over 5kg wire line fall, vertical line falling for external wall insulation layer.

3 、preparation of polymer cement adhesive

First, The centralized mixing, special posts, setting two clean polymer mortar mixing plastic containers for special mixing container.

The second to stir the container to inject a small amount of water, and then gradually adding polymer dry mixed mortar, stir, stir until evenly and medium consistency so far. Make sure that the precoating adhesive should have a certain viscosity to maintain the composite plate on rigid gluing without slipping. When water is added, strictly control the water volume, avoid excessive water, and the water cement ratio is 1: 3.

Third, the good adhesive should be placed for 5 minutes, and then stirred once. As long as the pre coated mortar has not been initially solidified (within 5 minutes), it can be mixed with a small amount of water or dry mixed mortar. The best binder is best used in 1 hours, the longest not more than 3 hours. No other additives can be added to the binder


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