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What Are The Key Points For The Purchase Of Pelletizer?

Apr 05, 2018

Most of the plastics can be recycled and granulated by the usual pelletizer. For some special plastics, it is necessary to use special plastic pelletizer. What matters should we pay attention to when selecting a pelletizer?

First, the output value is the primary decision to purchase the machine type, that is, the thickness of the screw, but do not only recognize the type, because different manufacturer's type corresponding to the detailed equipment is different.

Second, when you decide the right granulation, it's very necessary for the manufacturer to know it. Do not be afraid of far, if you do not buy the right equipment, the consumption is far more than these, the survey manufacturers not only to look at the equipment, but also to see after-sales service, and good things have inevitable problems, this needs the manufacturer's skills to support.

Finally, think about sustainable development. Can equipment upgrade, automation level, cost of later maintenance and price of spare parts replacement?

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