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What Are The Features Of The PPR Pipe Production Line?

May 14, 2018

The production line is mainly manufactured by the latest technology. The high efficiency extruder is designed and manufactured according to the unique processing performance of PP-R, PP-B, PE-ER and PEX. It is equipped with high torque speed reducer, new slotting machine barrel, LTM high efficiency screw, large extrusion quantity, low material melting temperature, and real low temperature plasticization. PP-R, PP-B pipe can be produced at high speed. The products are reached to international GB/T-18742.2-2003 PE-PT by national chemical test, and PEX tube conforms to international GB/T18992.2-2003 standard.
The production line is mainly composed of control system, extruder, die head, sizing system, traction and cutting device, printer, turning rack or winding machine. The die for the die is a spiral split head or basket head, which can be equipped with a static mixing system. The material layer is superimposed on each other, and the internal pressure distribution is more uniform.
A special vacuum setting and spray cooling system is adopted: the vacuum chamber is two sections, and the water temperature, water level and flow control are improved to ensure the production of high quality pipes.
The production line is slightly changed, and different molds, screws and accessories can be used to produce PE, ABS, PE-RT, PEX pipes and two kinds of plastic composite pipes with different materials.
The high-end machine adopts PLC and large screen color display control system, which is highly automated.