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What Are The External Wall Insulation Construction Tools?

Mar 26, 2018

1 equipment class:

1.1 An electric hanging basket

1.2 The portable low speed electric mixer (available hammer instead), rated speed 700-1000r/min, stirring head, a Phi 12 steel, length of 600mm, lower 150mm welding with four reinforcing steel bars are bent radius 75mm circular blade.

1.3 safety equipment, safety belt, safety helmet, safety net, safety fence, indication card, warning card and so on.

1.4 other equipment, switch box, plug, socket, waterproof wire, interphone and so on.

2 tool class

2.1 The wallpaper knife, a hacksaw blade, scissors, and grooving device, grinding plate, wooden hammer, screwdriver.

2.2 The tape, tape, 2 meters on foot, Moxian, vertical hanging ball, horizontal tube, horizontal ruler, rope.

2.3 The plastic bucket, plaster splint, trowel, yin and yang angle minzi.

2.4 sand paper, iron hammer, glue gun, rubber gloves and brushes.