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What Are The Classifications Of Flame Retardants?

Jan 16, 2018

  There are two major categories of flame retardants. Is a kind of reactive flame retardant, it is in the synthetic resin polymerization process in resin, the resin chemical reaction, so that the original does not have the flame retardant resin and group elements with flame retardant properties of reactive flame retardant can also be added to the resin melt processing molding to rely on melting heat molding and organic peroxide initiated free radical thermal decomposition agent, which has a double unsaturated reactive flame retardant and resin reaction, the flame retardant group directly into resin molecules, the resin is flame retardant.

  The other kind of flame retardant is a kind of additive type flame retardant, which has halogen, phosphorus and inorganic salts.

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From: HBCD-Free Flame Retardant Masterbatch For XPS