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What Are The Characteristics And Working Principles Of The Single Screw Extruder?

Jan 11, 2018


Extruder extrusion feed is a kind of pellet feed after homogenization, sterilization, curing loose porous, and the feed processing equipment (dry feed water is less than or equal to 25%) and wet (feed water = 40%) extrusion machine parts, the more common is the single screw extruder, the following is a detailed introduction of expanded features and the working principle of single screw machine.

1. Characteristics of single screw extruder

1. The digestibility of feed was improved by squeezing, cooking, and fully gelatinization of starchy raw materials.

2. The puffing material is loosely constructed, which is very suitable for aquaculture feed, pet feed and so on.

3, short time high temperature extrusion and expansion. On the one hand, sterilization and sterilization, on the other hand, passivate the anti nutritional factors of beans, and make their eggs self organized, and on the other hand, reduce the damage and loss of nutrients such as protein and vitamins.

Two. Principle of single screw extruder

Work extruder, screw conveyor to the powder to the conditioner, after quenching and tempering after entering the extrusion chamber, the extrusion screw and screw sleeve, feed by extrusion, shear, kneading machine sleeve, indirect heating and other effects, the internal temperature and pressure increasing gradually, the material plastic gelatinization, finally from the die hole is forced out, due to the large temperature and pressure die hole gradient, the material transient volume expansion and vapor flash, form feed.

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