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What Are The Benefits Of Using A Color Masterbatch?

Oct 11, 2017

What are the benefits of using a Color Masterbatch?

Color Masterbatch also known as color species, is a kind of extraordinary amount of pigments or dyes attached to the resin and the aggregate of the system.

Several benefits of using a Color Masterbatch:

1. It is advantageous to maintain the chemical stability and color stability of pigments;

2. To make the pigments in plastics have better dispersibility;

3. Protection of the health of operators;

4. Simple process, easy to turn color;

5. Clean environment, not contaminated containers;

6. Save time and raw materials.

As the pigment in the storage and use of direct contact with the air, so will occur in the process of absorption, oxidation, knot and other phenomena, direct use will appear in the plastic products surface color points, hue hair, color easily fade, and in the mixing caused by dust, affecting the health of operators. and the Color Masterbatch in the production process through mechanical processing, the pigments were refined and the pigments and the resin carrier and dispersing agent were mixed, and the pigments were isolated from air and water, which enhanced the weatherability of pigments and enhanced the dispersibility and tinting power of pigments. Because the Color Masterbatch is similar to the shape of the resin granules, it is more convenient and accurate in metering, and will not be adhered to the container when mixing, thus saving the time of cleaning containers and machines as well as the raw materials used in the machine.