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Waste And Old Engineering Plastics Recycling Granulation Machine Is Of Great Value For Recycling

Mar 01, 2018


On the Internet, a report has been reported that "waste plastics are reused, and beggars earn more than ten thousand dollars a month." What is it? The original, a beggar every day picking up trash, picking up plastic to make money, buy plastic money actually nearly million. Many netizens say they want to quit their jobs to pick up the garbage and earn money for their family. Of course, it's just a joke, but the meaning behind it is not just a joke.

Picking up plastic money, is actually a plastic recycling industry. The recycled plastic we say generally refers to the recyclable plastic products that have lost their value after consumption. After recycling, centralization, classification and scientific and rational disposal, the value of recycling can be obtained and recycled.

The beverage bottles in our country use recycled materials and recycled materials as much as possible to increase the recycling of materials and save the global resources. Recycling of plastic bottles can not only solve the problem of environmental pollution, but also reduce the impact on the land by reducing the amount of landfill. Cao Jian, executive vice president of China Plastics Processing Industry Association, said: "whether for the sustainable development of plastics industry or reducing the pressure of environmental pollution, the recycling of waste plastics plays a crucial role." The amount of plastic waste in China reaches about 30000000 tons every year. If it can not be effectively recycled and discarded at will, it will bring pressure to the environment. In addition, recycling waste plastics is equivalent to improving the utilization efficiency of oil resources, alleviating the shortage of crude oil resources to a certain extent, and playing a positive role in promoting the development of energy saving and emission reduction and circular economy in China.