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Treatment Of Twin-screw Plastic Extruder After Parking

Apr 26, 2018

Treatment of twin-screw plastic extruder after parking
1. Do not panic when you encounter parking problems. Just follow the steps below.
(1) Normal parking. When the plastic granulator is not stopped in a fault, it can be shut down in the following order.
1 Close the hopper discharge gate.
2 Turn the speed of the feeder to zero and press the end switch button.
3 Close the vacuum system, gradually reduce the screw speed (if new material is needed, the remaining material in the barrel should be drained as much as possible). After the material is basically empty, turn the main engine speed to zero and press the main motor. stop button.
4 Turn off the power switch on the main cabinet and turn off the main power switch.
5 Close the inlet valves.
6 Clean the machine.
(2) Emergency stop. If an emergency occurs during operation of the twin-screw plastic granulator, immediately press the emergency stop button (or press the Local Stop button). After the emergency stop, remember to adjust the main motor and feed motor speed control knob to zero, and shut down other auxiliary systems. After the fault treatment, restart the car in the normal driving sequence.
2. The twin-screw plastic granulator removes the car. Similar to the single-screw plastic granulator, if the PVC or POM is squeezed out of the heat-sensitive material and then stopped, it is usually necessary to use poly hydrocarbon plastic to squeeze the material inside the barrel to prevent the material from being heated for a long time before the next drive. Overheated decomposition, if necessary, need to remove the car to clean up. When dismantling the car, the head flange should be dissipated hot, and the filter plate and the filter mesh should be removed. Then the screw operation should be started and the plastic pelletizing machine should be used for the remaining material. After the screw is pulled out, the residual material in the head, screw and barrel shall be quickly cleaned with a copper rod and a copper shovel. The cleaned parts should be returned in time. If they need to be stored, they should be coated with a little anti-rust oil. The twin screw should be kept suspended when placed.


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