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The Types Of Plastic Machinery And Equipment

Jul 20, 2017

  The types of plastic machinery and equipment

  In accordance with the strength of different sizes are divided into: large plastic machine, strong plastic machine, large plastic machine. According to the different objects are divided into: beverage bottle cleaning machine, mineral water bottle cleaning machine. But the general plastic machinery is divided into extruder, injection molding machine and blow molding machine.


  Extruder is the role of the screw in the molten plastic through the fixed shape of the extrusion port extrusion, under the action of the traction machine by water-cooled after cutting. Mainly used for a variety of the same cross-section of a large number of continuous production, such as tube \ Profiles, etc., can also be used for plastic modified granulation.

  The basic mechanism of extrusion is simple - a screw rotates in the cylinder and pushes the plastic forward. Plastic Machine The screw is actually a slope or slope, wound on the center layer. The aim is to increase the pressure in order to overcome the greater resistance. In the case of an extruder, there are three kinds of resistance to overcome: the friction between the solid particles (feed) on the cylinder wall and the friction between them when the screw rotates several times (feed zone); The adhesion on the cylinder wall; the flow resistance of the melt when it is pushed forward.

  Injection molding machine

  Injection molding machine is the injection of molten plastic into the mold, after cooling is the product. Uses a very wide range, according to different plastic, the use of different places.

  Plastic machinery, also known as plastic machinery, this can be identified from the plastic and plastic positioning. Plastic Machine In the eyes of the industry, plastic and plastic is a thing. Previously, the domestic factories are called plastic factory, and Hong Kong and Taiwan, said the plastic factory for the plastic company. At present, some foreign-funded enterprises in order to communicate with foreign convenience, basically also linked to ** plastic ** Co., Ltd. brand.

  Blow molding machine

  Blow molding is a common method of making hollow thermoplastic products. The main products are tube and hollow containers. Blow molding machine can be preheated by heating the preform, and then into the mold blow molding, this method is mainly used for high-speed high-yield PET bottles and BOPP bottle production, that is, two-step process; blow molding can also be Injection molding process combined into a injection blow blow machine, Plastic Machine which is the production of PET containers commonly used method; blow molding process can also be combined with the extrusion process, extrusion blow molding equipment to adapt to a wider range, to produce more products For the rich, products include multi-layer composite film and various types of polyolefin hollow containers, widely used in food, medicine and cosmetics industry.


  Plastic granulator is a common plastic machinery and equipment, its type is mainly 150 kinds of plastic from the network granulator, 135 plastic granulator, 175 plastic foam recovery granulation unit, automatic mixing granulator and foam Granulation unit and so on. The 150-type plastic self-changing granulator is mainly used for the recycling of waste plastics. It is suitable for the recovery of waste plastic products such as high-pressure polyethylene, low-pressure polyethylene, polypropylene and foaming film, film, bag, silk and net Granulation. 135 plastic granulator using advanced lubrication test, wear small, Plastic Machine large tile seat, complete protection of bearings, easy operation and maintenance. The machine in the work process need to pay attention to the problem: the first boot should pay attention to the taboo, pay attention to the body temperature changes, pay attention to find out the operation of the machine and so on. 175 plastic foam recovery granulation unit performance is stable and reliable, in the use of mechanical flexibility to draw the length of the water into the pipe to ensure that after the cut without adhesion. The unit is the foam by crushing - plasticizing, pumping - pelletizing and other processes, the mechanical properties of stable and reliable, 100-130 kg per hour.