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The Quality Of The Color Masterbatch Depends To A Large Extent On The Pigment

Aug 03, 2017

  The quality of Color Masterbatch depends to a large extent on the supply of raw materials such as pigments and dispersants. China's plastic pigments after years of development has also made great progress. Foreign pigment manufacturers for the domestic Color Masterbatch production provides high-grade pigments. Domestic pigments and foreign mid-range pigment level, but compared with high-grade pigments, product purity, especially in the pigment surface treatment there is a certain gap.

  Dispersant is a Color Masterbatch for the pigment to provide infiltration, dispersion, stability of the additives, the Chinese Color Masterbatch market dispersant mainly used polyethylene wax, a polymer type, cracking type, by-product type. The use of polymerization technology to produce low molecular weight polyethylene.

  These three types of low molecular weight polyethylene each occupy a certain market. Multinational companies in China's Color Masterbatch enterprises and domestic Color Masterbatch core business use of polymer wax or imported wax more, and low-end Color Masterbatch products generally use more low-grade by-product wax, the wax mainly in the price of possession Great advantage, the domestic Jiangyin area with Xu small polyethylene wax production plant.

  Although the Color Masterbatch industry development prospects are broad, but there are still many deficiencies at this stage, of which domestic product Color Masterbatch single product structure, incomplete varieties, general-purpose products accounted for a large proportion, and high concentrations and high concentrations, Color Masterbatch and fine denier fiber with a smaller proportion of Color Masterbatch is also an important factor. Only we optimize the enterprise products, our Color Masterbatch production enterprises in the market competition in a place, otherwise, under the impact of foreign products, China's Color Masterbatch enterprises will no longer foothold.