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The Difference Between Color Masterbatch And Filled Masterbatch

Aug 03, 2017

  The difference between color masterbatch and filled masterbatch

  China's masterbatch variety, there are color masterbatch, a white masterbatch, as well as black masterbatch. So many kinds of species that we should how to identify it?

  We know these masterbatch products before, first of all should be to understand their different roles, where used, as long as we understand the performance of masterbatch, different color masterbatch different characteristics, know how to identify the masterbatch :

  First, color masterbatch

  Commonly used color masterbatch characteristics: color masterbatch ordinary carbon black polyethylene resin as the carrier, experienced high temperature from the intensive. Ordinary carbon black adaptability, easy to evacuate, practical for general resin, blown film, wire, pipe, plastic, plastic, drawing and so on.

  First, fill the masterbatch

  Filled with masterbatch characteristics: with good evacuation plasticity, strong antioxidant resistance to aging, filling capacity and other characteristics, color masterbatch to strengthen the product is filled with hardness, rigidity, compression wear resistance and reduce product shrinkage and shrinkage caused by deformation And so on, practical for most plastic blown film, injection molding, pipe, sheet, etc., thereby reducing the production costs.

  From the above information can be drawn, masterbatch and filling masterbatch specific differences, although the use of masterbatch and fill the masterbatch products have a common point on the plastic plastic products, color masterbatch but their role is different, one is Toning mainly, one is filled mainly, which is where they differ.