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Talking About What Is Waste Foam Granulation

May 07, 2018

    I believe we all heard that the recycling of waste foam is very profitable. However, the newcomers may not know what exactly waste foam granulation is. The following is a brief explanation of what is used to make waste foam.

   The waste foam pelletizing is to crush the recycled waste materials with a pulverizer->put in the host plasticizer->extractor extrusion->water or air cooling->automatic pelletizing->finished product bagging.

First, the crushing stage

The whole piece of used foam is crushed into 1-2 cm blocks by a horizontal foam crusher, and large pieces of foam are broken up into small pieces. To facilitate the post-processing production.

Second, plasticization

The broken foam is directly blown into the silo of the foam granulator by a fan of a horizontal pulverizer to be melted by heating and melted and then drawn.

Third, cooling

    The filamentous material pulled out by the foam pelletizer passes through the water tank and is cooled.

Fourth, cut grain

    The cooled filamentous material, the pellets that come out is the regenerated PS benzene, after the granulator, cut into granular material.

Fifth, the finished product

    Out of the finished style feel: is relatively crisp, very hard, good brightness, material color is generally brown or transparent light yellow.

From: www.kalshine.com