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Screw For PET

May 24, 2018

PET plastic is a common raw material for plastic bottled beverage. It has low viscosity, good fluidity, high specific heat capacity and Yi Nian material. The molding temperature is high, but the temperature adjustment range is narrow, and the process is poor. When PET is shot, the temperature is too high, the screw is too large or the speed is too fast, which can easily produce acetaldehyde and lead to acidification.

In view of the characteristics of PET and PET bottle billets that require quick plasticization and uniform plasticization, the screw plasticizing, high stability, non sticky material, fast melting speed and high rate of bottle blows are made. It can also be molded in general plastic. However, it is important to pay attention to the general manufacturers in the mainland to add the intake of the PET bottle, and in this case, the PET special screw is not very suitable, and the ordinary screw chromium plating is more suitable. It is necessary to attach the anti salivation device in the nozzle.


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