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Screw And Barrel For PVC

May 26, 2018

   PVC plastic can be divided into granular and powdery. It is very sensitive to temperature, easy to decompose, high viscosity and strong corrosiveness. The design of the screw has two characteristics: the surface must be chrome plated; there is no rubber ring and sub glue mesons. The screw has good plasticizing, less shearing heat and acid corrosion resistance. Because there is no apron, it can not be used for low viscosity plastics and injection speed and pressure classification of more accurate products.

   There are two kinds of screw design: screw and dispensing head. The quality requirement of the product is high and the single plastic (PVC) is the most suitable for the use of the connecting type. On the contrary, the split type can be selected. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the separation of the screw and the split head easily. But what kind of screw we choose must be added with a special thermometer for precise temperature control. Due to the need for cooling and cooling, the PVC product can be used with the forced air cooling measures and the screw. The soft PVC for making toys is excepted.


Kalshine provides a variety of screws for extrusion and injection molding machines. If you are troubled by such problems as "screw is easy to fail, no wear-resisting", please contact us.


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