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Screw And Barrel For PMMA

May 22, 2018

PMMA is a high viscosity non crystalline plastic with high torque, difficult melting, easy to be sluggishly, easy to degrade with shear sensitivity, poor fluidity, high temperature and high pressure injection, wide range of temperature adjustment and better technology.

The screw compression is relatively large, using the full hardening treatment of imported high alloy steel to effectively withstand high torque, high pressure impact, surface plating hard chromium to reduce surface adhesion and degradation, good plasticizing effect, good color mixing, low shear design fever low, low degradation rate. Generally take the middle diameter, forming PMMA, PP-R, PC, blocking ABS and other toners when the effect is good.

Kalshine provides a variety of screws for extrusion and injection molding machines. If you are troubled by such problems as "screw is easy to fail, no wear-resisting", please contact us.

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