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Screw And Barrel For PC

May 21, 2018

  PC is a high viscosity non crystalline plastic, with poor fluidity, long time heating and easy degradation, heavy feeding torque, difficult melting, easy to plug, high temperature and high pressure injection, the narrow range of temperature adjustment, and less technology than PMMA.
T    he screw adopts the full hardening treatment of imported high alloy steel to effectively withstand high torque and high pressure impact, wear and wear, surface electroplating, corrosion resistance, smooth no pores to reduce surface adhesion and degradation, fine detail structure, effective prevention of hide glue, low shear design and small fever. Generally small and medium diameter, molding PCABS+PC, PP-R, flame retardant ABS and other good results. It can also produce ordinary plastics and PMMA common products, but the mixing effect is poor. For example, adding color toner in plastic, we need to make a reinforced color mixing screw.

With the ultra thin precision molding in the industry, the screw diameter is changed small, the length is changed short, the ejection pressure is more than 3000Kgf/cm, the ejector is moved forward and transformed (after the transformation can be restored normally).


from: www.kalshine.com