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Screw And Barrel For PA

May 23, 2018

 special screw and barrel for PA6/PA66/PA46/PA6T

PA is a low viscosity crystalline plastic with high temperature, fast melting speed, good self lubrication, good fluidity and easy water flow.

The screw has high compression ratio, precise counter check, good mixing effect, stable feed quantity, high plasticizing efficiency and good exhaust effect. In general, the intermediate diameter is used to form crystalline low viscosity plastics such as PA, PP, LCP and so on. For PC, PMMA flame retardant ABS and other high viscosity and poor thermal stability plastics (middle temperature is too high, decomposition), molding POM is necessary to electroplate hard chromium. The nozzle is heated at constant temperature and it is necessary to add anti saliva device.



Kalshine provides a variety of screws for extrusion and injection molding machines. If you are troubled by such problems as "screw is easy to fail, no wear-resisting", please contact us.



Plastic Extruder Screw And Barrel