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Screw &Barrel For Electric Wood And Urea

May 25, 2018

Electric wood and urea used screw and barrel
The pipe is heated with hot oil back ring type, and the screw recommends C grade double alloy; the old plastic machine can also be converted into a beam mixing head to strengthen the color mixing effect; the mixer head is another design of the glue dividing head, which mainly strengthens the color mixing effect, but the use has the following restrictions: it will cause the back pressure to increase when the glue is used and the time of the melt glue increases; it is not suitable for the high viscosity. Plastic, such as PMMA, PC and so on. If customers are not satisfied with mixing color, they can generally increase the back pressure of the glue and reduce the screw speed. If customers do not want to mix colors with mixing heads, they can also use chrysanthemum type ejection mesons.


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