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Recycling Particle Material Classification

May 01, 2018

The first grade material means that the raw materials used are leftover materials that are not floored, or they are called lower angle materials, and some of them are nozzle materials, rubber head materials, etc. The quality is also relatively good, that is, they are not used. The process of processing new materials is In the middle, the remaining small corners, or the quality of raw materials. The granules processed by these materials are better in transparency.

The secondary material means that the raw material has been used once, but the exception is high-pressure granulation. The high-pressure granulation uses mostly imported large pieces. If the imported large piece is an industrial film, it is not exposed to the wind and sunlight, so its quality is also very high. Well, the transparency of the processed particles is good, and it should be judged according to the brightness of the particles and whether the surface is rough.

Ternary material means that the raw material has been used twice or more. The processed particles are not very good in all aspects such as elasticity and toughness.